Every mage can cast spells. Spell Casting is used to activate random events which will protect user,attack target or entertain.

Rhyme SpellsEdit

This kind of spells are activated by singing a song or recitate a poem.

  • Liar Liar, Pants on Fire is a rhyming spell for making the liar's pants on fire.
  • Water, Water on the floor, make sure that [target's name] will fall is a rhyming spell which summons a water puddle, which makes the target fall.
  • Water grab his/her ugly knee and let him say the truth to me is a rhyming spell which makes the water affect on the target and makes it tell the truth.

Backwards SpellsEdit

  • Wohs Flesruoy is a spell for summoning the plate which teleports to a secret safehouse.
  • Erif Maeb is a spell which is used to create a fire beam.
  • Retaw Ruop is a spell for making water pour on the target.
  • Nairt Enoz is a spell which makes the Training Zone appear.
  • Od Ton Klat is a spell used to make someone's voice disappear.
  • Peepus Poopus is a spell which makes pee/poop fall from your index finger.
  • Evom Etnorf is a spell which teleports the user infront of the target.
  • Evael Kcatta is a spell which makes leaves attack the target.