Backward spells are words which are said backwards and activate different events.


  • Wohs Flesruoy is a spell for summoning the plate which teleports to a secret safehouse.
  • Erif Maeb is a spell which is used to create a fire beam.
  • Retaw Ruop is a spell for making water pour on the target.
  • Nairt Enoz is a spell which makes the Training Zone appear.
  • Emoceb Llams is a spell which makes the target tiny.
  • Emoced Lamron is a spell which disables another spell's effect.
  • Od Ton Klat is a spell used to make someone's voice disappear.
  • Peepus Poopus is a spell which makes pee/poop fall from your index finger.
  • Evom Etnorf is a spell which teleports the user infront of the target.
  • Evael Kcatta is a spell which makes leaves attack the target.

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